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VerifyWord is designed for faculties, institutions and all research organizations that need solutions for plagiarism checking services.

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VerifyWord is the most trusted plagiarism checker software for publishers & experts.

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VerifyWord provides you with overall similarity reports, ensuring the integrity of written work before publication.

What is Verifyword?

VerifyWord brings to you cutting-edge technologies and refined plagiarism-detection software. VerifyWord also assists scholarly publishers, research departments, student projects, individual researchers and authors worldwide by ensuring the production of ground-breaking manuscripts with a minimum margin of errors.

Patent Search & Analytics Report

Patents, Scientific Journals, Clinical Trials and Associated Data Sources


Patent Analytics Solutions

VerifyPatent makes it fast and affordable to give powerful yet easy-to-use access to support innovation, collaboration and reporting needs.

Understand companies
& technologies

Gain profound insights into technology landscapes or corporate strategies. Identify potentially impactful start-ups

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future trends

Don't miss out on important technology trends ‒ identify disruptive innovations and new players early on

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Analytics Report

Uncover new opportunities, target R&D investment strategies, identify competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and find potential licensing opportunities

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